Monday, February 28, 2011

Sketches! In Pencil!

Some sketches from my recent sketchbook. I've been mainly sketching digitally on the iPad, and posting them here, so there will more frequent updates at that blog, for those interested.
These are done with the new palomino blackwing, which I've been enjoying.
Check them out.


Charles Santoso said...

nice nice! love them! :D

btw, congrats on the oscar for TS3. All the best! :)

Nate Villanueva said...

yay! always look forward to your sketches.

Unknown said...


Gabby Zapata said...

Nice sketches! :)

chromasketch said...

there seems to be a quality which your sketches have in your pencil drawings, that is not as strong as in your digital sketches.

Unknown said...

These are beautiful! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Brittney Lee said...

I just love seeing your drawings, James. So much sincerity and appeal in every one. Wonderful, wonderful work.

Andy Welfle said...

Hi! I'm Andy from (makers and sellers of the new Blackwing). I'm glad you like them, and I love your sketches, especially the Remedy Coffee scene! Can I feature them on a future Monday Pencil Artist post? We post one a week. Drop me a line if you get a chance!

andy [at] pencils [dot] com.

Thank you!

TREVOR Simonsen said...

hey, these are great!!!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Beautiful sketches! I love your drawings.

Mike Yamada said...

Great sketches! They are full of life and appeal.

Unknown said...

Nice sketches!

Emmanuel Briand said...

your sketch drawings are always so good , and well felt , it's been a long maybe three or four years since I take look at your work and congratulation for all you 're holly amazing

sincerly emmanuel Briand and YEEEE AHHHHH biiiimmm ZBBBLLAAAHHHH for this last post of course and the lady in the metro yeah so cool , and that one with some few teeth in her mouth she's the gorgeousnest ! Bravo monsieur

David Fletcher said...

James.. sketches great as always...

As to the Palamino Blackwings... I have not tried them, but will have to check them out. Currently I use the standard Derwent pencils for sketches after trying many different pencils. I guess it is all up to what each of us feel comfortable with.

What is the sketchbook.. a Moleskin book?
I have a couple that I use to do sketches for my watercolour paintings. I use the A3 size 12" x 16". Keeps every thing together. But I am now changing by making up my own sketchbooks using watercolour paper that I bind using double-wire binding. This allows me to open the book 100% and allows me to add sheets when I want.

Have not yet tried using my iPad for sketching.

Keep the sketches coming.. they are very inspiring and insightful.

Fawn said...

Your drawings are so appealing. Love them!

Mark said...

wicked wicked love the life in the sketches.

Adrian Lubbers said...

Nice work James. I LOVE coffe house sketching. I learned that from a good friend in college. Hint hint wink wink!! lol

Quentin Lebegue said...

Great, great, as always !

nideep said...

great sketches man!...big fan of yours! :) and congrats on the oscar.

Foom Spectacular said...

Vous avez un très bon blog avec beaucoup de bon travail.

ronney said...

pure awesomeness

Jim said...

Big fan of these!

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