Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Copyright Disney/Pixar 2007

When I started working at Pixar, Ratatouille was nearing completion of animation and large chunks of the film had already gone through the mysterious processes that make it look as it now looks, in its finished form. I was lucky enough in my first month here, to get a look at one of said chunks, the 4th reel to be exact.
As I staggered out of the theatre here after the reel had ended, I remember thinking something that I'd thought once before, while staggering out of a darkened cinema that had just shown The Incredibles.
"This is going to change things."
And that was just one reel. Having seen the film twice since then I can offer this:
Anyone truly passionate about animation, art, sincerity and craft, and life outside of it will find a home in this film.
Brad and Jan's vision for this film is gloriously realized and incredibly insightful, and I'm glad to offer my admiration and praise to the amazing crew that saw it through.

Friday, June 01, 2007


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