Thursday, October 25, 2007

More B.A.R.T.

More stuff drawn on the bart, and a recent trip to the Ferry building with Emma.
It's in pencil, so it's from a few books ago, when I was into that.



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Abandoned-for now

I'm going to to try and update more regularly, since I've been falling behind in the posting the last few months. Here's a photo taken at home of some work from a comic book project I've been developing. I've been inspired as of late by some fellas here as well as some favorites, old and new to do a small comic book project of my own, just to get the ball rolling.
I've settled on something now, but it took a few discarded ideas to get to, this being one of them.
I think I may return to it, once I solve a few of them problems I had with it, but for now it's going in the vault.
This photo was taken with my new digi-cam which should make photo posting on the blog more common.

Also, I have a few things I'd like to talk about on the blog once I get a bit more time to dedicate to it. In lieu of that, Ted has written a great post about composition which I think is worth reading, so please head over to Rose and Isabel and check it out. When it comes to food for thought, Ted is a fine chef. You'll find it here.

UPDATE: Tom Gately, a great animator, character designer and gesture sketching teacher has started a blog. Go there NOW. Big news.

Thanks to all those who commented on the last post. It's much appreciated.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


I celebrated my 28th birthday on Sunday... so much has happened in the last year and I still feel behind, struggling to process it all. Since last September 30, I got married, landed a spot here at Pixar, moved to a new country, and changed some life paths. It all happened so fast. I often thought when I was really young, that adulthood came on with, or as an attainment of some kind, as though adolescence ended with an epiphany that set you up for the responsibility of living well among others and potentially raising a well adjusted, loving family.
Looking back on the last few years, I've realized that IF that epiphany is coming, it'll come so slowly I'll never notice it, and that we all have to live well now, and that that will always be a challenge.
Looking ahead, I have much to learn; some that involves pen and paper, some that involves heart and mind, sturdied that all things take time and that life is a process, a series of successes and failures that allow us to whittle ourselves down to who we are , and what we want.
At 28, here's to clear thinking, and strong feeling.
I received a real treasure of a gift from my parents this year in the form of Ronald Searle's Paris sketchbook. It's a case of right book, right time and it has lit up the furnace of inspiration.
Some pen and ink drawings from a new new new sketchbook, taken from the BART rides, the only time I have nowadays with run free with line.
They're kind of a step back I think, but what can you do?
Thanks for reading,