Sunday, August 23, 2009



One month ago on July 22nd 2009 my mother, Debbie Lee Robertson passed away suddenly. With her passing, I have lost one of the great sources of love and inspiration in my life.
She was a career nurse, spending her life in the service and care of others, doing so with the same grace, tenderness and uncompromising diligence she brought to the tending to the hearts and wounds of her own family. She faced life's obstacles with patience, courage and an unwavering spirit that found joy in every moment she was given, too few, though they were. She is the finest person I have ever known, and I am blessed considerably to have been raised in her love, warmth and generosity.
I miss her more than I could ever say, but as memory serves the soul, she will be with me. I will set my life to her example, and hope that someday, I'll see her again.
I love you Mom,