Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Copyright Disney/Pixar 2007

When I started working at Pixar, Ratatouille was nearing completion of animation and large chunks of the film had already gone through the mysterious processes that make it look as it now looks, in its finished form. I was lucky enough in my first month here, to get a look at one of said chunks, the 4th reel to be exact.
As I staggered out of the theatre here after the reel had ended, I remember thinking something that I'd thought once before, while staggering out of a darkened cinema that had just shown The Incredibles.
"This is going to change things."
And that was just one reel. Having seen the film twice since then I can offer this:
Anyone truly passionate about animation, art, sincerity and craft, and life outside of it will find a home in this film.
Brad and Jan's vision for this film is gloriously realized and incredibly insightful, and I'm glad to offer my admiration and praise to the amazing crew that saw it through.


Marcos Gp said...

Thanks God that Pixar is bringing the sense of Wonder back to the Animation

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Randeep Katari said...

It's absolutely amazing. Hope that you're doing well J. Thanks for all the advice.

Clio said...

Can't wait!!!

Unknown said...

This is one of the few movies where I've been dodging all the trailers as much as I can so I don't ruin it for myself when I watch the movie on Friday.

Can't wait to see the films you're working on. When the credits roll up, I can say to my friends 'hey I knew that guy! He sat right beside me during in College!'

Couldn't be prouder... even though I had anything to do with your success...

Anonymous said...

Hello James-

I was given a "Thinking Blogger Award" and I belive I'm supposed to pass it on to 5 blogs that make me think. I'm not sure I understand it compleatly, but your blog is one of those that makes me think, so I'm passing on the award to you.

Here is a link to the blog that started it all.

Chris Palmer said...

You said it James. And you said it wonderfully and graciously.

I was amazed and inspired last night at what a film could mean to so many people. There was a full-audience applaud, and these weren't Harry Potter fans or Star Wars fans going to see a long awaited SW or HP film, the fans who would've clapped because there favorite characters were up on the big screen. These claps came from people seeing characters and a story for the first time, people who were amazed, and people who didn't come in as fans, but left "fans."

Anonymous said...

Sincerity is what makes arts, ART.

Grant said...

It was wonderfully realized! I'm going again. Just wanted to say hi.

Edward Juan said...

Hey! I'm glad you like my sketches. Too bad I couldn't stay at Pixar but hey! I got Laika! I do love portland. Your sketch looks really nice, I hope you post up more.

Ana said...

Hello! This is the first time I visit your blog, and I loved it!
I added its link to my blog, so I (and everybody else) can check it quite often ;)
I have watched Ratatouille and it is for sure one of my favourite movies!! =D It's awesome!!
Such a good inspiration to anyone who wants to work in the Film Industry =D
From a brazilian animation student (and fan),

Mike Thompson said...

BEST. PIXAR. FILM. PERIOD. Thanks for sharing that story. Inspiring, truly is!

spleenal said...

So you draw storyboards for pixar eh?
lucky bastard.

To be honest I'm not that keen on the super finished, highly polished stuff.
But I really do love story boards, because you can still see the artists hand if you get what I mean.
I've seen a few dvds where if you press the angle button on the remote you can watch the storyboards with the soundtrack still playing.
Get your bosses to do that

Bianca Siercke said...

beautifully said James ^^ Couldn't agree more

Willy Ashworth said...

i find it very hard to believe that John k implied that ratatouille was BLAND!

he must have seen a different film than i.

..some people's kids, huh?


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