Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taking the Kura Toga for a test drive.

I'm loving it so far.
These were done friday night during a long commute, and the post-commute cappuccino to unwind.


flaviano said...

i love the way your drawings looks cartoony and loose and at the same time so strong and well constructed!

kalonji said...
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kalonji said...


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

How does the tip itself work, does it freely rotate or do you sort of have to be a bit aware and correct it? Enrico was mentioning in his blog about this discovery of yours.

What about lead replacements?

Those sketches look great!

Randeep Katari said...

What the hell. These are awesome. Also, mine should be arriving this week hopefully. Anyway you can post some of your board examples for anything? (or e-mail me one or two, just wanted to see how you handle board characters.)

Unknown said...

These drawings are so expressive!! lovely!

Adrian Lubbers said...

How much Cappucino do you drink man?!You know what that's goin to do to a girlish figure like yours.
It's been a long time, but I see your still livin' the dream.
New site up, I'd love for you to check out.I'm REALLY pushing for a full time gig this year so gimme a holla when you see it. Be Nice!!

samacleod said...

Hey man, I'll send you a copy if you promise to send me yours if you and Emma ever finish one ;), yeah?

Unknown said...

great stuff man, I love the one of the girl smiling and holding her elbow, lots of warmth in that one.

kelly erwin said...

your characters are awesome.

Uwe Heidschötter said...

very beautiful sketches!

J said...

Hey Gus, The lead turns x degrees every time you press down and lift it, always keeping a new side to the page, effectively sharpening itself.
Lead replacements work as per usual.
They're cool!

Adrian- They're fat free! Besides I've been going to the gym. Email me about the folio stuff.

Scott-Thanks for the book man, much appreciated.

Kelly/Uwe- Thank you.

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