Thursday, August 23, 2007

New sketchbook 2 and an anniversary

The new sketchbook I mentioned in the last post is now sitting, finished on my nightstand, and I've been working through the new, new one. This is all stuff from my morning and nightly commutes on Bart, and Ritual sittings.
Also, the blog turned 2 last month. Time seems to fly so quickly these days, but sufficed to say I'm amazed how far I've come in the 24 months since starting The Iron Scythe.
I thank all of you who stop by the blog and read daily.
Here's to another great year.
Again, the sketches.


Randeep Katari said...

Congratulations J. 2 Years is a long time to keep up the blogging. Here's to another bunch of years.
This stuff is fantastic, I love the poses and attitude that you can always capture with such few lines. I'm going into my last year's almost all over...and almost all beginning.
Hope all is well with you, and hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

I hope you keep posting for many years to come!

Fantastic stuff...

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Now you let me comment! If only I could tell everyone how fast you think, how well you draw and how dedicated you are!!! Man oh man, Pixar's lucky!

the doodlers said...

Yeah, these are great. I see your drawings get more and more expressive and rich with each post. Hope all's good with you... Please give my best to Daniella to!

I mean to sit down and write to you guys~ a big hello from Arna and John too.

Jenny Lerew said...

More great stuff. I was going to say the profile was the best-but then I scrolled down & now there's too many to single one out. : )

willipino said...

great sketches as usual!

Dan said...

First off congrats. I absolutley love your stuff, so much energy and life. Keep on keepin' on.

Ted M said...

Awesome stuff James & congrats on IS's 2nd bday.

Heidi Smith said...

Wonderful sketches, so much character is captured with such simple lines!!!

lorelay bove said...

So much life into these sketches!
Really awesome drawings!

Todd Harris said...

congrats on the 2 year mark. great blog you have here. enjoy your work.

RAWLS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RAWLS said...

Keep it up man...its lookin great! The amount of energy in your style is refreshing.
ps. say hi to Nick for me.

libra bear said...

The way you capture people is beautiful. I love it. Have 2nd Birthday :)

Unknown said...

Cool, man! I like the dude with the hook-nose and baseball cap and the lady on the bottom. You should do more drawings of dudes with air compressors.

Adrian Lubbers said...

Hey buddy what's shakin?
Few new drawings I see and busy as always...excellent.
Me too!

Jed Henry said...

Very appealing sketching style. You've worked hard to get here. Great emotion too. Very, very nice. Your blog is always an ispiration.


Thierry Martin said...

magnifique croquis très expressif et plein de vie.
c'est un plaisir pour les yeux.
bravo et bonne continuation.

MikeS said...

Wonderfully expressive lines James. Hope you're well.


J said...

Hey guys, thanks for writing in.

Dani- Thanks! I'm pretty lucky too!

Arna- Hey that's great to hear. I keep trying to push for more complete drawings-I hope it's paying off even a bit.

Jenny- Ha ha thanks!

Lorelay- Thanks! Where are you now? Disney? I hope things are going really well for you.

Munchanka- Thanks man, we'll have to start that ferry building/tamale sketchgroup on saturday mornings.

Thierry- Merci beaucoup Thierry. Ton travaille c'est tres bon. Tu es un maestro avec le brosse.

Thanks everyone. I'll try to be more dilligent in the future with the responses.

Unknown said...

congrats on your 2 yr mark! Wonderful sketches J!

Matt Jones said...

Supercool sketches-each one captures a distinct personality. Keep 'em comin'

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