Friday, March 21, 2008

Justin Wright

Justin, as I remember him.

Take care buddy,


Justin Hunt said...

Great drawing James.

I remember having a coversation with him in his old office a short time ago and seeing him in there looked exactly like this.

You really captured him in his enviornment.

And I thought you might like to know, shortly before you were hired at the studio, I remember him showing me drawings from your blog saying how absolutely great he thought your work was. We both agreed.

I know he would have really enjoyed seeing this drawing.

J said...

Thanks man, it is very much appreciated.

Erik D. Martin said...
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Erik D. Martin said...

awesome drawing - I never meet Justin but I can see his friendly personality in you're drawing.

I really loved his blog- truly a tragic day for the whole art community.

Heidi Gilbert said...

It looks just like him! Halo poster, Dave Matthews hat and all. He would have loved this.