Monday, March 10, 2008

Duncan, again


Dani said...

Something is changing... or has changed...
His hair perhaps? It's longer.
The eyes remain the same - preoccupied, anxious, hopeful.

Has he returned?

Anonymous said...

Why does he look like Bush? Are you a Republican?

J said...

Anon- I didn't realize he looked like Bush. If it's so, it's unintentional.
Besides, I'm neither republican nor democrat, I'm Canadian.

flaviano said...

looks a bit out of model :D
"....I'm Canadian" hahaha great sense of humor!

Dan said...

Nice work J. Long time no talk. How's things?

Probably difficult to show the schnoz on model in the second angle. Same for the chin...

Representing Canada down there?

fedemilella said...

That's great!!!

BenerdWalkin said...

I remember this character from a while back...nice expressions and poses.
very nice observational sketches!!

Chris Palmer said...

Hoorah! Hey, where's your old flash portfolio?

EL GRANDE said...

Haven't been on here in a minute. You've done so many nice drawings since my last visit. You just keep growing and growing. It's a treat to witness.

Joe y Elio

dancing platypuss said...

I love it it says so much with the eyes!

Funny some people think that the "disneysh" style is so over ... it works pretty well to me!

great stuff man.Inspiration for all



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