Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm really excited to be posting this. It's the teaser for what I've been working hard on for 2 and half years now.  I actually had a tiny in hand in boarding this, with the heavy lifting in story being done by Dan Scanlon and Jason Katz! Big thanks to Lee and Darla as well!
Also; Congrats to the UP crew on their stellar opening and continued success! It's an amazing film! GO SEE IT!
I'll be back a few days with a PILE of sketches and some notes! 'Til then.
Also, check it out in HD HERE.


B! said...

Ooh.. nice work on the trailer!

Can't wait to see some more of your sketches!!!

lillian said...

James! Great trailer, i can't wait to see your work in the actual movie. Congrats!

Thanks so much for the kind words, although in truth I am the jealous one.

Jason Kraft ( said...

James! fantastic man...looking forward to seeing more work. Its always nice to see the results of MANY hours of hard work. You can appreciate the journey a little more. Take care.

Jason Kraft ( said...

Hey James...I got a question for you. I just finished doing some development work for Blue Sky...and I was wondering if you know of anything available there. Shot in the dark, thought id ask....

Dani said...

You're the best!
Congrats to the crew!

J said...

Thanks guys!
Dani- No, YOU'RE the best!