Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Break-2007

After a fairly long stretch of intense work, I now find myself with a few weeks time ahead of me with nothing to do but relax, spend some time with my wife, see some friends, and draw whatever pleases me.
As it happens, I've been writing and building a short comic book project, tentatively titled "All City" which I hope to have all roughed out by the time the holidays conclude. Below are some samples of conceptual work I've been doing for it. Just rough ideas right now, to locate tone and style, although these are hardly indicative of either at this stage. Hopefully these next few weeks will broker happier results.
I want to wish all of you who regularly visit, and those just stopping by a very happy and safe holiday season. See you all in 2008.

Best wishes,
James Robertson


Cooked Art said...

Looks great man!

Have a great holiday.

dines said...

great style =)... love it I wanna see more. Happy holiday

guilherme jacinto said...

Looking forward to it! It was nice finally meeting you man. Happy Holidays all the way from Brazil!!

J said...

Thanks guys!

Guilherme- It was great to finally meet you as well. Thanks for the well wishes from Brazil. Happy holidays to you as well. See you at work in January!

Anonymous said...

These drawing remind me of your stories you would tell me over coffee. I seem to remember that Pubic pictorialization was just one of your many youthful assiduities. Will we see inspirations from other elements from that time in your life in this project?

Grant Alexander said...

It'll be nice to see some story related work from you. (since I obviously can't see any of what you are doing during the day).

Best Wishes to you and Dani!

Germán said...

Looking forward to seeing more of that. And keep those commute sketches coming!

best of wishes for 2008!

珊珊李 said...