Friday, June 01, 2007


More of Duncan.



yop-BB said...

thank you for visiting my blog...
your blog is one of my favorite
your sketches are really energics full of life.

Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hey James,

My blog link is now
You've got the Typepad link in your list. Serves me right for leapfrogging around so much!

Well, I'm coming up on eight months back at Blogger...keep your fingers crossed, that's when my blog blew up last time!


flipstudios said...

i love duncan. such an optimistic chap. great sketch.

martin wittig said...

James, It's been awhile since i last visited, I've been so damn busy! Wonderful work, I love your sketches.--such a strong line.

Randy Bantog said...

beautiful sketches on your blog!

the doodlers said...

Hey James!

Hope all's good....I'm going to be in Montreal for the next few days...visit with family and see the Disney exhibit. Just dropped in to say'hi' and great drawing as always!

Cheers to you and Dani,


pbcbstudios said...

Hey J -

Yeah, I only got to run around and visit for a second! Next time - or if you happen to come down here let me know!


Heidi Smith said...

Really awesome character!!

J said...

Thanks Heidi!
Your stuff is awesome too!

Alina Chau said...

wonderful character!!

Jelter said...

I love the jacket, good shapes.